SCG Group
Shanghai Construction Group Ltd. Overseas Engineering Branch (“S.C.G. Overseas”) is a unit directly under Shanghai Construction Group that engages in overseas business.
The scope of its business major in housing construction, road and bridges construction, municipal engineering works, and ports and airports, and also referring to investment and financing projects, international contracting projects, foreign aid projects, envoy projects and other types of projects.
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S.C.G. (Caribbean) Group Ltd.

SCG Caribbean Group Limited, as an overseas subsidiary of Shanghai Construction Group, registered in Trinidad and Tobago on May 2005. Our office locates in Port of Spain, Trinidad while our business extends to the whole Caribbean and Latin-American.
Building Construction
Over 60 years of experience in the construction industry, professional team to meet international standard for design and build services.
Digital Engineering
Use and apply digital tools such as BIM, cloud computing, reality modeling, smart site management system, etc. to improve delivering and operating the built environment.
Building Maintenance
Provide maintenance, repair work and daily management for building facilities and maintain best operation condition.
Cultural Tourism
Actively engaged in the innovation and creation of cultural and tourism products of the Caribbean to display the unique feature of the regional culture.